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If you’re the person who refuses to ignore animal suffering. If you think compassion is a strength. And if you believe that a kinder world is possible…

Then you’re already with us in spirit. Now join us in person.

For every animal abused behind closed doors, trapped in cycles of suffering — theirs is a world robbed of kindness. For every animal unlucky enough to be born into the category of ‘food’ or ‘pest’ rather than ‘friend’ – theirs is a world where what’s profitable matters more than what’s ethical.

You didn’t choose this. But you can change it.

As an Animals Australia member you’ll underpin groundbreaking investigations and campaigns that shine much-needed light on cruelty and transform our world for the better. You’ll become the reason more people are empowered and inspired to be changemakers for animals in their homes and communities. You’ll fuel our every effort towards achieving our vision: a world where kindness, compassion and respect extend to all living beings.

Do something courageously kind today — join us in creating a kinder world for all.

Will you stand for kindness?

Member support is crucial in the move towards compassion for all.

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You’re the reason we can look to the future filled with hope.

Your contribution will fund initiatives that save countless animal lives and end cruelty. You’re the difference for an egg-laying hen who might never see the light of day; a calf ripped away from his mother after seconds on a dairy farm; a sheep awaiting the horrible fate of live export. Although they can’t thank you, we can’t thank you enough.

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