VICTORY! Shooters BARRED from killing waterbirds on major wetlands

Only days after we witnessed carnage on Victoria's wetlands during the first weekend of duck shooting season, shooters have been blocked from those very reserves — sparing countless native waterbirds from suffering and death.


PUBLISHED ON: 24 March 2017

When our duck rescue team joined Coalition Against Duck Shooting volunteers on Saturday to stand up against cruelty masquerading as 'sport' on Victoria's wetlands, we were stunned. It was like a war zone. Shooters illegally fired their weapons, wounded ducks fell from the air, and rescuers desperately rushed critically injured animals to volunteer vets for treatment. But together we stood strong, knowing we represented the vast majority of Victorians and Australians who oppose killing and maiming animals for 'fun'.

Today these beautiful nature reserves will, for the moment, become what they should always be for our precious native wildlife: sanctuary. The fight continues to protect all waterbirds in Australia from recreational shooting, but with today's decision we are one step closer to a day when this cruelty is finished, for good.

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