10 ways you made the world a better place for animals in 2014

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Last updated 15 December 2014

Amazing things happened this year — all because of you. Here’s what your support as an Animals Australia member meant to animals in 2014…

You convinced fast food giants to dump cage eggs!

Animals Australia wages a highly intensive and strategic campaign targeting the fast food industry’s biggest egg user — McDonald’s. In just 89 days, the fast food giant commits to phasing out cage eggs. Within a week, Subway follows suit.

You helped expose factory farming

A groundbreaking investigation into a mega factory farm that supplies Australia’s biggest egg company makes international headlines. The iconic image of a hen abandoned in a manure pit becomes the catalyst for independent retailers to shift away from cage eggs.

You helped convince retailers to go cage-egg free!

Woolworths fast tracks its commitment made at the launch of Animals Australia’s ‘Make it Possible’ campaign, with 53 stores completely removing cage eggs from shelves ahead of its nation-wide 2018 commitment. An additional 19 IGAs and 19 Foodlands stores also make the switch in 2014.

You exposed the puppy factory con

A landmark investigation into the secret ties between puppy factories, pet shops and online retailers reaches the masses on 7 News. Community pressure leads to the closure of the deplorable puppy factory located in Victoria.

You helped achieve a massive win for homeless cats and dogs in Victoria

Successful lobbying efforts by Animals Australia and colleague groups sees the newly elected Victorian Labor Party enact a policy that will ensure that pet shops in the state will only be able to sell animals in collaboration with legitimate rescue groups — saving countless loving pets from being needlessly euthanised, and protecting customers from unwittingly supporting puppy factories.

You helped mount the biggest ever live export investigation

Simultaneous investigations in multiple countries could not have occurred without your support. The damning evidence from the 2014 Festival of Sacrifice investigation reveals the abject failure of Australian regulations to protect animals. The investigation sparks international condemnation of the live export trade and further builds the case for the trade to end.

You brought the plight of animals to television

You reached millions of Australian television viewers with the iconic message that confining hens in cages ain’t no way to treat a lady.

You reached 1 million motorists every day on behalf of hens

Every single day, one million Australian motorists are reminded of their power to help free hens from battery cages with a nationwide fleet of taxis emblazoned with messages of kindness to animals. The consistency of this national campaign is underpinning a historical shift away from cage eggs.

You inspired the next generation

Your support underpinned the efforts of some amazing young advocates who are speaking up for animals at schools and reaching out to young people at concerts and festivals!

You touched the hearts of literally one hundred million people

It doesn’t get much bigger than this. In 2014, videos produced by Animals Australia to inspire acts of kindness to animals were viewed in excess of 100,000,000 times. The viral phenomenon was reported globally — reaching millions more around the world and paving the way for a kinder future for all.

On behalf of animals, we can’t thank you enough. Without the support of Animals Australia donors, none of this could have been achieved. With your renewed support we look forward to making 2015 an even bigger year for animals!

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