Another major company drops cage eggs!

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Animals Australia team

Last updated 22 March 2018

Great news! Another major food company has committed to drop cage eggs!

Patties, Australia’s biggest pastry products company, has joined the movement to free hens from cages! And even better? They have committed to be cage egg-free in a matter of only months — promising to phase out their use of cage eggs by as early as January 2019!


It’s official! Patties have published their new cage egg-free policy on their webiste.

This welcome announcement by Patties is another sign of the shift away from cruel battery cages in Australia — coming just weeks after a public consultation into hen welfare laws led nearly 150,000 people to speak up to ban battery cages permanently.

Times are changing — for the better! And it’s thanks to caring people speaking out, and companies like Patties being willing to listen.

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