ANOTHER live export company has withdrawn from the trade!

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Animals Australia team

Last updated 18 July 2018

The live export trade continues to lose support … even from exporters.

Just weeks after Australia’s second-largest export company, Livestock Shipping Services (LSS), voluntarily withdrew from the dangerous Northern Summer trade, another exporter has announced a halt to shipments to the Middle East.

It has been reported that Phoenix Exports, owned by Harmony Agriculture and Food Company, has cancelled plans to export sheep from Fremantle into the deadly Middle Eastern summer.

This comes only days after the biggest export company, Emanuel Exports, failed in their second attempt to export thousands of sheep into furnace-like conditions. After Emanuel Exports had its license suspended in June, they attempted to use the license of one of their subsidiaries, EMS Rural Exports. But the Department of Agriculture suspended this licence too, sparing 45,000 sheep from suffering at sea.

Animals Australia’s preparedness to seek an injunction should any ship be allowed to leave during this dangerous summer period was cited as the reason behind Harmony’s decision —

We need more clarity about the legality of export permits before there are more sheep put into the export system … The Animals Australia injunction reasoning has broader implications than simply summer sheep trade, an issue the Government and industry need to have clarity on.Steve Meerwald, Harmony Managing Director

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