The piglet who took fate into her own hands!

By trusting some kind people, Dorothy found new friends and a new life.
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Last updated 26 September 2013

In a world where pigs are more often ‘processed’ for their flesh than protected for their friendship, this little piglet, named Dorothy, would have good reason to be wary of strangers. But it was only by trusting the couple who took her in during her time of need that Dorothy found not only new friends — but a new life.

Dorothy appears to be only a few weeks old. But even so, if she were on a commercial piggery, she would only have a few months of life left. By about 4 months of age she would be trucked away — her last moments on earth spent inside a facility that few people would ever wish to set foot inside. But thankfully, the efforts of one caring individual spared her such a fate.

This image contains content which some may find confronting

Dorothy was found after a recent storm in a Victorian country town. The couple who found her opened their backdoor to discover those eyes looking back at them. When local Animals Australia supporter Jaimie found out, she knew it was her opportunity to give this one piglet “a real shot at life”. Jaimie wanted to give Dorothy the chance to do what most piglets in Australia can’t — to grow up.

So while Dorothy was winning over the hearts of many in the local community, Jaimie set about securing her a safe future. After contacting our office, she was put in touch with the local rescue group Forever After Animal Rescue, who were delighted to be able to offer ‘Dot’ a loving home.

Dorothy is now settling in well to her new home. She loves meeting her new animal friends, and napping (on beds and laps in particular!)

One individual’s act of kindness changed the world for this little pig. If you want to change the world for pigs too, the power is in your hands: