Eat your way to a kinder world: Gardein now available at IGA!

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Last updated 2 September 2015

Can you guess whether this cheeseburger, or this chicken fillet, is kinder to animals? Google thinks they know, and were recently willing to bet around $300 million on the answer…

Okay, that’s a trick question, because the answer is actually — both! That chicken-free chicken, from the Bill Gates-backed Beyond Meat, and that meat and dairy-free cheeseburger from Impossible Foods, are just two examples of an exciting evolution taking place in the food scene. Even Google has caught on and wants in on the global transition towards a cruelty-free new food Operating System — where no animals are harmed in the making!

Raspberry and grilled <em>Gardein chick’n</em> salad: what a way to welcome Spring!

Innovative and high-tech investors, from the Netherlands to Silicon Valley, can see that it’s time to upgrade to ‘Food 2.0.’, and are willing to spend billions of dollars in order to update our meals to include a healthy dose of compassion. These are the familiar meals you know and love — just kinder.

<em>Gardein beefless strips</em> stew: perfect for a chilly Winter’s evening.

While we may have to wait a little longer for Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods to hit our shores — major Australian supermarkets are already stocked with a delicious range of meat-free meals. One exciting newcomer to the scene is Gardein (that’s what you get when Garden + Protein meet and get along really, really well). Rolling out in a new IGA every week, Gardein’s animal-friendly meals — including family-favourite chick’n strips and fish-free filets — are joining the ranks of Fry’s Family Foods and Vegie Delights on supermarket shelves nationwide.

"Our target market is not vegetarians. It’s not vegans. It’s not fringy health nuts. It’s not food-fad faddists. It’s mainstream, mass-market, uncompromising…"
- Impossible Foods founder, Dr Patrick O. Brown

Kung Pao <em>chick’n</em>: for lovers of Szechuan cuisine.

Gardein, and other animal-friendly companies that are (small pun intended) sprouting up all over the place, are charging towards this new frontier of food production — where innovation and compassion meet — with open arms. They don’t see the global movement towards cruelty-free eating as presenting a negative challenge, rather it’s an opportunity for invention that intellectual powerhouses the world over are focussing their time, attention and significant funds on.

For many people eating meat is ‘normal’, it’s what they’re used to. It’s a habit. Which is why people like Bill Gates, and the scientific and culinary brains behind Impossible Foods and Gardein, are committed to bringing familiar and protein-rich meals to the table that are better for you, better for the environment — and brilliant for the animals.

A feast of clover for happy pigs.

Quite simply, it’s never been easier to celebrate a kinder lifestyle while still enjoying the delicious meals you grew up with. From fish & chips to grilled-chicken salad, beef stew to kung pao stir-fry, you can now enjoy them all — with a animal-friendly spin.

After all, why choose between compassion and tradition — when you can have both? Bon appétit to that!

<em>Gardein fishless filets</em>: the taste of a Summer holiday… in your living room.

Eat your way to a kinder world

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