Are you supporting greyhound racing without realising?

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Last updated 16 February 2015

Hundreds of companies, all around Australia, are ‘proud sponsors’ of the greyhound racing industry — and their customers are inadvertently buying into it. But who pays the ultimate price?

Imagine a typical Saturday morning in an Australian home… does it go something like this?

Alarm goes off, coffee pot goes on. Queue for the shower while scoffing toast, dropping crumbs on the carpet.

If you’ve got kids, now’s the time to bundle them into the backseat and off to junior football, piano or tennis lessons — realising halfway there that the car needs a service and the insurance is overdue.

Grab a sandwich, stop at the shops to pick up some new gadgets before, finally, getting home. Fire up the barbie, get something cold and bubbly in your hand, and… relax.

Chances are, at some point during your day you are supporting a business that supports greyhound racing — whether you like it or not.

Hundreds of Australian companies — whose products and services we use every day — sponsor greyhound races… which means nearly every aspect of our lives is touched by this cruel ‘sport’ in one way or another.

Aussies love animals, dogs in particular, and caring people would be appalled to know they were unintentionally buying into a ‘blood sport’ exposed for extreme animal cruelty in their training methods and responsible for the deaths of thousands of dogs every year. Dogs like Hexen Bale.

The true cost of sponsorship

Hex was a beautiful blue greyhound who ran seven races in his short life — winning four of them. He was a rising racing-star, but that wasn’t enough to save him, because one autumn evening at Sandown Racecourse Hexen Bale would fulfil the terrible fate bestowed upon him by his father’s name — “Collision" — and run his final race.

In official video from the event we see him fall heavily and spin out of control at the first treacherous bend in the track. The camera stays trained on the winner, and Hex is lost from view. Just another casualty, another ‘write off’ in this Mazda-sponsored race.

Hexen Bale falls at Mazda sponsored Sandown Racecource

Hexen Bale was just a puppy when he died. Not even two years old, with fragile, still-developing bones and all the overzealous strength of youth, he should have been playing, happy with people who loved and protected him — not running for his life around a racetrack.

You can help

Mazda isn’t the only company sponsoring greyhound races and many of them would be unaware of the true cost of their support. Click the logos below to get in contact with other everyday businesses (you might be in for a few surprises) and ask them if they know what they’re really funding.

Will you change the odds in favour of greyhounds by withdrawing your sponsorship of the cruel industry that sends them to their deaths?

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These dozen companies are just the tip of the iceberg — you can find more businesses that sponsor greyhound racing cruelty here.