Brutal live export abattoir CLOSED for cruelty

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Last updated 14 June 2015

If it weren’t for Animals Australia’s hidden cameras, Australia’s live export industry would probably be calling this facility a ‘success story’.

Workers at Israel’s biggest abattoir who were exposed for inflicting horrific, wanton cruelty — are no longer killing animals.

This hellhole was given the ‘tick of approval’ by the Australian live export industry — but was promptly shut down by Israeli authorities in light of shocking evidence obtained by Animals Australia investigators.

The Deir Al Asad abattoir, which supplied more than half of Israel’s meat products, was not only ‘approved’ under Australia’s live export ‘assurance’ system — it passed follow-up audits as well. That only a risky covert investigation could expose what animals were enduring inside its walls is a testament to our investigations unit, and an indictment of Australia’s failing live export regulations.

Only weeks earlier, headlines around the world told of the shocking suffering of Australian exported cattle who had been sledgehammered to death in Vietnam — another Animals Australia investigation.

The Exporter Supply Chain Assurance System (ESCAS) was introduced by the Australian Government in the wake of Animals Australia’s groundbreaking live export investigation in Indonesia in 2011. It is a system designed to protect the live export industry and ‘assure’ the Australian public that exported animals would be spared from the most extreme forms of cruelty. Without the catalogue of evidence from our ongoing investigations, people might even believe our Agriculture Minister Barnaby Joyce when he bleats about this system … ‘working’.

Yet with every new exposé, public faith in this cruel trade slumps to new lows. The inherent cruelty of constantly subjecting sensitive animals to life-threatening sea voyages doesn’t help. Recent polls indicate that the vast majority of Australians are in favour of a phase out of live exports — a trend that some switched on politicians are beginning to take notice of:

If your MP hasn’t spoken out for the thousands of people in your electorate who are appalled by the cruelty of live exports — now is the perfect time to ask them to represent you.

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