Victory! Ku-Ring-Gai Bans Exotic Animal Circuses

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Animals Australia team

Last updated 1 January 2010

On the evening of November 9th, councillors from Ku-Ring-Gai voted 7-3 to ban circuses with exotic animals!

For over a decade Ku-Ring-Gai proved itself a progressive council by banning any animal circuses from performing on their land. Earlier this year, after much lobbying and pressure from the circus industry, the council overturned this important ban. The council backflip sparked a concerted campaign by residents, animal welfare groups (including Animals Asia, RSPCA NSW and Animals Australia) and concerned citizens to right the wrong.

4,184 Animals Australia supporters signed our online petition, and many residents and concerned citizens wrote letters and made phone calls to the Council. It is clear the public has recognised the inherent cruelty of forcing exotic animals to perform in travelling circuses, and thankfully most councillors agree.

Confined to small barren cages for the majority of every day, animals in circuses have no opportunity to display natural behaviours. Physical or mental ailments are often the result of being kept in these restrictive conditions. This cruel treatment of animals has no place in modern entertainment and teaches children nothing about respect for animals.

This was an inspired campaign to help animals. Thank you to everyone who helped secure this victory. This outcome for animals wouldn’t have been possible without your support!

We congratulate the Ku-Ring-Gai councillors for making this enlightened decision.

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