More proof that being kind to ducks is AWESOME.

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Last updated 15 December 2014

The only thing cooler than the freezing water this guy jumped into,
is the incredible act of kindness that came straight after.

We will never get tired of seeing people being kind to ducks (or being kind full stop, actually).
And one kind act inspires another. So when incredible pictures emerged
of a kind man coming to the aid of a duck caught under ice, we knew it
was a story that needed to be told.

Lars Jørun Langøien was amongst a sports academy group who had
arrived for their weekly bathing session in the freezing waters of
Sognsvann Lake, Norway. They noticed a small duck nearby, who had been
crossing the ice before
diving into an unfrozen area of the lake. The group watched on as the
time passed, and the duck didn’t re-surface — he had become trapped
under ice. The poor bird struggled to find his way out before appearing to just give up … and this was when Lars sprung into action. Take a look at these incredible
pictures to see what happened

Lars spotted the duck struggling under the ice
Photo by Yngvil Søholt via VG News

... and ran into the freezing water, breaking the ice to help him escape
Photo by Yngvil Søholt via VG News

Only when the duck was safely out of the water, did he drag himself out
Photo by Yngvil Søholt via VG News

TLC (Towel, love and care) was applied
Photo by Yngvil Søholt via VG News

... and after some mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, the duck was revived
Photo by Yngvil Søholt via VG News

Resulting in one of the best happy ending pics we've seen all year!
Photo by Yngvil Søholt via VG News

Lars reportedly did what he did because, “It felt like the right
thing to do" (spoken like a true hero!)

His heroic act is one of many to have taken the world by storm. And this video compilation of kind people
rescuing ducks was viewed over 100 million times! Is it any wonder? Kindness to animals happens every single day —
but when we are lucky enough that it is caught on camera, that one kind
act can have a ripple effect … potentially inspiring millions.

Here’s an idea: if, for every kind act we see, we in turn
performed another kind act … could you imagine the impact that would