QLD greyhound taskforce reveals an industry that's rotten to the core

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Last updated 4 May 2015

Wildlife … dogs … piglets — and children: QLD greyhound taskforce reveals just how far trainers will go for the ‘winning edge’.

When footage from a joint investigation between Animals Australia and Animal Liberation QLD was aired on Four Corners, we knew it would be the best chance that — finally — something could be done about the widespread abuse within Australia’s greyhound racing industry. Evidence of rabbits, piglets and native possums terrorised and torn apart as ‘live bait’ shook the industry to its core, and resulted in repercussions that have been game-changing.

UPDATE — QLD Govt puts new Logan greyhound racetrack ON HOLD »

But, even in the face of some of the worst animal cruelty ever seen, greyhound trainers have continued to defend their industry — with claims that multiple cases of live baiting were “isolated incidents", and that leading trainers caught participating were just “a few bad eggs" and of course, “don’t tar the whole industry with the same brush".

After all, just like any gambling industry, the greyhound racing industry exists to promote the interests of people and animals alike, right?

Now, Queensland’s greyhound task force — set up in response to the Four Corners expose — has blown the lid off an industry in which animal cruelty is not only widespread, but is so ‘normal’ that children as young as eleven years old are being used to participate in animal torture.

Animal cruelty is entrenched in QLD greyhound industry, writes the Courier Mail

Shocking revelations from ongoing investigations have been revealed in an explosive article by the Courier Mail, exposing the true extent of ingrained horrors in QLD greyhound racing, including;

  • Possums being locked in cruel “roll cages", to be terrorised by dogs for months on end (this was astoundingly considered by some trainers as a ‘humane alternative’ to live baiting)
  • A greyhound trainer using children to pull dogs off piglets used as live bait
  • Live baiting is so common that some trainers believe they can’t train without it
  • Greyhounds being killed and dumped in mass graves
  • Greyhound trainers making millions out of live baiting


No more excuses — time for the QLD greyhound industry to be shut down for good!

Queensland’s greyhound racing industry is rotten to the core. This is an industry that not only costs tax payers millions of dollars — but it’s the animals who pay the ultimate cost, all for the sake of gambling profits.

Relegate Queensland greyhound racing to the history books where it belongs — tell your MP it’s game over for QLD greyhound racing.

Shut Queensland's greyhound racing industry down for good