Snuggle Coats is bringing fur back ... to the animals!

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Last updated 11 August 2016

Aussie-based organisation Snuggle Coats has found a way of bringing fur back … to the animals! You can now donate old furs to comfort rescued wildlife.

We all know cruelty is not a good look. So what to do with the fur coat we’ve had since long before a glimpse inside fur farms made us realise that dead animals are not a fashion statement?

Snuggle Coats has found the kindest solution EVER. They’re collecting the unwanted fur garments hidden away in the backs of closets and donating them to wildlife rescues to comfort the animals in their care — turning something tragic into something heart warming.

What you’re about to see is rescued animals nestling into some Snuggle Coats furs. Prepare to have little cartoon love hearts coming out of your eyes

Cedric the Tassie Devil

Cedric lost his mum and siblings when they were hit by a car, but found some comfort in a ‘Snuggle Coat’ donated by a caring member of the public. Thanks to the North-West Tasmania Wildlife Rescue group in conjunction with the Save the Devil teams, he was successfully released back into a safe area.

King the wallaby

This is what wildlife carer Amy had to say about King, an Agile Wallaby joey in her care: “He is suitably named as, at just 490 grams, he sits up like a king right before feed time and almost demands his milk! He is a little character and a true joy to be raising. The first thing he did when coming into contact with a fur was to bury his head and curl up … instant comfort and security, really beautiful to see."

Orphaned flying fox

A young flying fox nestles in a Snuggle Coats fur at Tolga Bat Hospital.

Sunny the orphaned koala

Sunny the orphaned koala from Southern Ash Wildlife Shelter

Barney the brushtail possum

Barney the blissed-out brushtail possum at ACT Wildlife is comforted by a donated fur (while he waits for his own coat to grow!)


This spotted quoll with their Snuggle Coat from Featherdale Wildlife Park

Anzac the wombat

Anzac, a four month old wombat putting the ‘snuggle’ in Snuggle Coats at Wombat Ridge Wildlife Shelter.

Fur belongs to animals.

Comforting rescued wildlife is easily our second favourite way to see fur. The first is on its original owner — animals.

Sadly, millions of animals — including minks, rabbits, foxes, possums and raccoons — are still kept in apalling conditions in fur factory farms. They are forced to live in small wire cages where they’re unable to express their natural desires, which leads to chronic boredom and stress. They are then electrocuted or gassed for their furs with some even beaten to death or skinned alive.

All for the sake of what some people call ‘fashion’.

Thanks to Snuggle Coats, we now have the opportunity to try and make amends for the mistakes of the past, and move towards a kinder world. Do you have a fur to donate? Click here to find out how to give it back to the animals!


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