A Spanish town's solution to ending bull fighting cruelty

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Last updated 2 September 2014

Town officials in Mataelpino, Spain, have figured out how to keep tradition AND animals alive.

Many people are still unaware that the animals who are forced to participate in the annual ‘Running of the Bulls’ festival are literally running for their lives — and are in fact being corralled towards a bull ring where they will face a slow and painful death in a ‘bull fight’. This bloody spectacle would make most of us recoil in horror — and it’s never again to be held in the town of Mataelpino, Spain — after town officials came up with a way to spare the bulls, while keeping the ‘tradition’ going.

Here’s what it looks like:

Thanks to campaigning by anti-bullfighting advocates and with the support of locals, the ‘Running of the Balls’ festival (that’s what we’re calling it, anyway!) sees giant polystyrene balls weighing up to 125kg ‘chasing’ adrenalin-fuelled participants down Mataelpino’s streets into a now defunct bull ring. Not a terrified bull in sight!

Talk about inventive. One local has said, “People don’t want to see frightened animals running for their lives any more." — and reportedly tourism revenue has increased in the area since the town stopped using live bulls.


Could Mataelpino be paving the way for other Spanish towns to follow?

Cruel traditions like the ‘Running of the Bulls
continue to exist because of the support of unwitting tourists. Tens of thousands still flock to Spain for the festival, many unaware of the gruesome and painful end that many of the animals inevitably face — with each bull stabbed, speared and eventually having his spinal chord cut in the name of ‘tradition’.

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