Young, passionate, and out to change the world!

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Last updated 20 August 2013

While most pre-teen girls are having slumber parties and listening to One Direction, Tess and Phoebe have their sights on something else. They’re out to change the world…

These two are the latest young advocates to be named ‘Activist Challenge Winners‘ through Animals Australia’s youth initiative, Unleashed. If they are a reflection of the next generation, then the animals will be in good hands!

With their stalls to support Make It Possible, Tess and Phoebe have been spreading the message that each of us has the power to help animals. And thankfully, a growing number of people are recognising this important fact. Over 150,000 people have now taken the Make It Possible pledge to help end factory farming.

If you are inspired by the efforts of Tess and Phoebe, click here to start taking action for animals too!


whisper.jpgIf you know any young people who care about animals, we’d love to know them too! Send them a link to so that they can become a part of a community of likeminded young people and help create a kinder future for animals.