Thousands stand up against puppy factories

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Last updated 14 August 2013

Thanks to your efforts, the Victorian Government has received over 21,000 submissions calling for an end to puppy mills – a staggering 16,000 of these in the last 24 hours alone!

Because of you, dogs like Nellie (pictured above) have been given a voice.

Nellie was rescued from a puppy mill, where she was forced to spend the first five years of her life tied up. She was used as a breeding dog — she had many litters of puppies and her body was suffering because of it. When she was rescued she had no muscle tone and was 10kg overweight. She has been on the ‘outside’ for two months and she is a different dog — she is normal weight, super fit, her coat is beautiful and she is so affectionate, which shows just how forgiving of humans dogs can be.

Now, Nellie is learning what it means to be a dog for the first time — and she is loving every moment of it.

When the Victorian Government opened the public consultation on puppy factories, they were overwhelmed with tens of thousands of submissions. This unprecedented response has sent the strongest possible signal that the community won’t settle for a code of practice for breeding animals that will create more suffering and legalise more cruelty.

Not only that — the public outcry that you made possible is helping to expose the cruelty of puppy factories nation-wide. On Thursday night The Project ran this important story on primetime TV! (The segment starts at 19:50)


As awareness grows about puppy factories, a brighter future comes closer for dogs — just as it did for Nellie.

Of course, even though the public consultation is now closed, you can still be a strong voice for dogs. Click here for more ways you can help end the cruelty of puppy factories.

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