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The circus is no place for a wild animal. Even today, animals such as lions and monkeys are still confined to barren cages, trucked from town to town, and forced to perform unnatural and demeaning 'tricks' in the name of 'entertainment'. What might be an afternoon at the big top for some people can be a life of chronic boredom, confinement and stress for animals — who are denied the ability to express their most basic natural behaviours. Please help to create a better future for these animals by pledging never to support cruel animal circuses.



This pledge plays a vital role — but you can have an even greater impact for animals today. Here’s how:

  • Contact your local council and ask them to join the compassionate lead of other Australian councils who have refused to allow exotic animal circuses to perform on council land.
  • If a circus is coming to town, download Animals Australia's circus campaign pack and get the word out in your local area.



Your financial support is needed to support Animals Australia’s ongoing work to protect the most vulnerable and abused animals in our society. Our campaigns are funded entirely by public donations. Please give generously to help put an end to animal cruelty.