How to eat deliciously dairy free!

More and more caring people are choosing to be kind to calves and their mums by eating less dairy or living dairy free. We'll show you how!


Dairy's calcium myth

Clever marketing from the dairy industry has led many of us to believe tall tales about dairy and strong bones... Click here to debunk dairy's calcium myth!

Newborn black and white dairy calf in hay - a waste product?

Each year hundreds of thousands of bobby calves across Australia are discarded as 'waste products' of the dairy industry. Born only to keep their mothers producing milk, they're seen as economically worthless — but these vulnerable baby animals pay a high cost indeed. It's no wonder that so many kind Aussies are ditching dairy...

With an ever-expanding range of calcium-rich dairy alternatives like dairy free cheese and dairy free chocolate available in supermarkets, eating dairy free is easy and delicious. Here are some of our favourite picks!


Soy milk — The range of soy milk is huge and brands differ markedly in taste, so shop around until you find one you like. Chances are there's another you may like even more! There are also many flavoured soy milks that will satisfy any chocolate, vanilla, strawberry or iced coffee cravings. Our top picks are Vitasoy Soy Milky Lite, Sanitarium So Good, and Aldi's Just Organic.

Soy-free milk — For those with soy allergies (or for those who simply prefer the taste) there's also rice milk, oat milk, almond milk and coconut milk. These can often be found in the long-life milk aisle or the health food section of the supermarket. But these days the chiller shelves offer delicious calcium-rich options too, like Califia Farms almond milk, available at Coles.

Dairy free milk


As with dairy free milk, these dairy free cheese products vary in taste among brands, but whether you like cheddar, mozzarella, smoked, or with chives you'll find one to your liking. For a great 'all-rounder' dairy free cheese, you can find BioCheese at Coles supermarkets — it melts, stretches and its mild flavour is often a hit with kids (of all ages!) Also try Tofutti Slices, (best for 'cheese' burgers), Melting Cheezly (for all occasions), or Tofutti Cream Cheese (plain, French Onion, Herb & Chive). And for a 'cheese and crackers' style craving, Vegusto Mild Aromatic is a surefire winner.

Dairy free cheese


Most dark chocolate is dairy free, such as Whittaker's Dark and Lindt 70%. Love dairy milk chocolate? No sweat: supermarkets also stock Sweet William blocks, bars and cooking pieces in white and 'milk' chocolate (in the 'health' food aisle). Often in the same aisle are LEDA's* amazing dairy free chocolate rum balls and biscuits akin to Tim Tams and Mint Slices. And in health or wholefood stores Bonvita, Cocolo, and Tropical Source have so many different varieties of chockie treats, with GoMaxGo providing the mouth-watering dairy free versions of the most popular chocolate bars.

* Note: some LEDA dairy free chocolate products do contain palm oil.

Dairy-free chocolate | Dairy milk chocolate options

Marg & Cream

You can't go wrong with Sunburst or Nuttelex for your toast or in your cooking. They look like margarine but have a buttery taste. Nuttelex is also  available in varieties including lite and olive.

For all things creamy, we suggest Soyatoo. With topping, cooking or whipped cream in both soy and rice options, it's hard to go wrong. For sour cream, try Tofutti's Sour Supreme.

Coconut cream or milk can add richness and flavour to dishes like laksa, curries and mushroom sauce. It can be used in savoury or sweet recipes — check out this amazingly simple and yummy recipe for caramel sauce made with coconut milk and dates, and nothing else! And a dollop of coconut cream that's been chilled in the fridge makes a delicious topping for cakes, scones, pies and tarts.

Dairy free marg & cream


If you love yoghurt on your muesli or just as a snack, try Kingland Soy Yoghurt or Soy Life Yoghurt. Both come in a variety of flavours and are in the yoghurt section of the supermarket fridge. Kingland also make a great dairy free Greek Style Yoghurt, sold at Coles and specialty supermarkets. For a soy-free option, COYO, Nudie, Alpine and Westhaven coconut milk yogurts are delicious!

Dairy free yoghurt

Ice Cream

For delicious dairy free ice cream try Sanitarium So Good, a Tofutti Cutie, or a refreshingly sweet sorbet (Weis sorbets can be found in the ice cream section of the supermarket). COYO coconut milk ice cream comes in several amazing flavours — we can't go past the chocolate. If you're looking for 'traditional with a twist' options like peppermint-choc-chip or cookie dough, you can find CocoLuscious coconut ice cream in independent groceries and health food stores. And we bet you won't be able to put down the delectable cow-friendly range by Over The Moo — creamy vanilla bean and delectable mango are just a couple of options — available in selected Coles supermarkets!

For many ice-cream-lovers, the Holy Grail of dairy-free treats arrived in Australia with Ben & Jerry's range of cow-friendly flavours, made with almond and coconut milk (check online for local stockists!)

Dairy free ice cream

Shopping Online

If you have trouble finding items like dairy free cheese or dairy free chocolate in your local supermarket, ask at the counter or try checking in organic or wholefood stores. Or you could order everything without even leaving your computer from stores like Vegan Online, Vegan Perfection or The Cruelty Free Shop!

Dairy-Free Cooking

Keen to learn how to make easy dairy free pancakes? What about a 'cheese' cake? Discover heaps of delicious dairy free recipes at

Want to enjoy even more delicious animal-friendly meals?

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Curious about calcium? Discover the facts about the calcium dairy myth...

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