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Stop the slaughter: demand a ban on duck shooting in Victoria
Piglets, possums and rabbits tortured in sadistic greyhound training 'rituals'
Dismantle the secret puppy factory supply chain
Demand animals not be treated as 'waste products'
Help save the Taiji dolphins

THANK YOU to the millions of Australians who have lent their voices to animals! One action at a time, we are creating a kinder world for all living beings.

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EXPOSED: Barbaric training practices in Australia's greyhound racing industry have been uncovered in ground-breaking inv... Take Action Now »

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ALDI Australia — Follow in the footsteps of ALDI US and commit to stop selling cruel cage eggs! Take Action Now »

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A damning new live export investigation in Israel has uncovered routine animal cruelty inside one of Israel's biggest ab... Take Action Now »

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Following our damning exposé of Australian greyhound racing cruelty, our investigators have caught ruthless racing enthu... Take Action Now »

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What dark secret could be lurking in an unassuming glass of milk? The dairy industry is one of the least understood anim... Take Action Now »

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Dogs, cats, rabbits and many other animals still suffer pointless and painful procedures in the name of product testing.... Take Action Now »

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Logging companies that export timber and woodchips for paper production overseas have been exposed for recklessly fellin... Take Action Now »

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If a dolphin becomes trapped in the killing cove at Taiji, his fate is uncertain. He's at risk of suffering the cruelles... Take Action Now »


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