The racing industry's secret 'retirement plan' for horses may shock you... As exposed on ABC's 7.30, few horses born into this industry will be lucky enough to see out their old age. For many, they will be killed if they are too slow, injured, or not profitable enough. Industry calls this 'wastage'. This tragedy has continued because it has been well hidden from the public.

Video with thanks to the Coalition for the Protection of Racehorses.

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Tell racing bosses: I won't punt while horses die...

An industry that breeds horses by the thousands and sends many to their deaths just because they aren't profitible enough, is only interested in one thing: money.

The racing industry's profits depend on winning horses, but they also depend on you — as a member of the public, and a potential punter. They know that once their secret is out, few people will want to continue supporting this cut throat industry.

You can help lift the death sentence for horses.

Show Racing Australia that cruelty is not profitable by pledging not to bet on horse races while young, healthy horses are killed by the thousands each year. Help urge the racing industry to care for all horses — not just the ones who win the most.

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