Be the change you wish to see in 2016!

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Last updated 24 December 2015

Happy 2016! Here’s how you can help make this year the kindest yet for animals!

With the new year comes a great opportunity to turn over a new leaf. Together, we achieved amazing things for animals in 2015 and in 2016 we can achieve even more. In our own lives, we each also have the opportunity to have a positive impact for animals. So how are you going to help animals this year?

Here are 5 great ways you can make a difference for animals in 2016.

Eat kindly.

Factory farming is the number one cause of animal cruelty today. In fact, the vast majority of pigs, battery hens and chickens raised for meat in Australia are raised in factory farms — where they endure intense confinement and surgical procedures without pain relief. By eating kindly, you can help save animals from suffering and fear inside factory farms and slaughterhouses.

Our Vegetarian Starter Kit makes it easier than ever to be kind to animals, yourself — and the planet! It’s completely FREE and jam-packed full of delicious recipes and meal plans. Order your kit today!


Speak up.

Animals don’t have a voice, so why not lend them yours? In our daily lives we come across many opportunities to speak up for animals — from informing a friend about factory farming, to filling in a feedback form at our local supermarket. Join the Animals Australia Action Network today and you’ll be among the first to hear about many more opportunities to create change for animals and provide them with the loudest voice possible.

Open your heart and home to an animal in need.

There are thousands of homeless dogs and cats in Australia who are desperate to find families to love! Not only is adoption one of the best ways to combat cruel puppy factories — but by welcoming an animal from a shelter or rescue group into your home, you’ll be saving their life — and enriching your own!

If you’re unable to permanently adopt, why not consider temporarily fostering an animal? By doing so, you’ll reap all the joys of animal companionship, while helping to keep dogs and cats in a family environment where they will be much happier while they wait for their forever home! Check out these great reasons to adopt or foster a four-legged (or feathered!) friend.

Get physical.

Even if you can’t take a homeless pup home, you can still help them! Many animal shelters welcome volunteer walkers to exercise the dogs and provide company. By giving just an hour or two of your time each week, you’ll cheer up an animal and may even get fit in the process! Contact your local shelter or rescue group to enquire about dog walking, or other ways you can volunteer your time (and love!) to homeless animals in your area.

Become a frontliner for animals!

In 2015, Animals Australia achieved unprecedented progress for animals — and was recognised as one of the world’s most effective animal charities, becoming the first Australian organisation to be named a “standout charity" by Animal Charity Evaluators.

You can be a part of achieving even more for animals in 2016 by pledging a monthly donation to support Animals Australia’s groundbreaking campaigns. These reliable funds offer us the confidence to go forward, focusing less on fundraising, and putting more time, energy and resources into strategic campaigning to achieve real outcomes for animals.

Every act of kindness makes a difference!

Discover some of the simple things you can do in your everyday life that will help create a kinder world for animals — and together, let’s make 2016 the kindest year yet!