The Christmas all pigs should have!

Animals Australia

Animals Australia team

Last updated 10 December 2015

If you took a moment to imagine the perfect Christmas morning for pigs … it would probably look a little something like THIS!

Inside most of us there’s a little kid who wants to wake up on December 25th, run to the Christmas tree, and find a little treasure trove of goodies with our name on it …

Well, these two lucky little piggies got just that!

When it comes to planning the perfect Christmas, we’re really not that different to pigs: a good meal, a good laugh, a snooze in the sun, a few choice gifts, and voila! Top it all off with some quality time spent with our loved ones, and you’ve got the perfect recipe for a day that celebrates peace, love and compassion.

You can help extend that compassion to pigs — and all animals this Christmas — with a gift that gives twice! Simply choose from our special festive gift ideas and not only will your loved ones be delighted with your excellent taste, but you’ll also be supporting our crucial work on behalf of the animals who need us — all year round.

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