Kindness gift pack

Kindness is always the perfect gift!

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  • 'Gift of Kindness' book
  • Symbolic pig adoption
  • Kinder world magnet

This gift pack is ideal for every kind of celebration and is the perfect way to show someone you care…. about them and animals.

Wrapped in 100% recyclable and compostable packaging, this gift pack includes:

‘The Gift of Kindness’, a book written by the founder of animal sanctuary Edgar’s Mission, Pam Ahern. This collection of heartwarming stories about the lives of animals who have got a second chance is certain to inspire. Through these stories, the book demonstrates how the smallest act of kindness can have a profound ripple effect, changing the lives of animals, as well as people.

An adorable plush piglet (20cm in height) with a symbolic adoption certificate.

Our Australian-made ‘I’m creating a kinder world’ magnet (7.5cm in diameter).

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Purchase this product, buy into the movement for kindness.

A shopping spree never felt so good! We strive to ensure the products in our shop align with some exacting criteria: a set of ethical and environmental benchmarks that contribute to a kinder world. In selecting products, we try to support suppliers who are:

  • Kind to animals

    We only stock products that are completely vegan, and that come with a Choose Cruelty Free certification or similar equivalent.
  • Kind to people

    We do this by questioning supply chains and employment conditions for people involved with our suppliers.
  • Kind to the earth

    We do this by striving to ensure suppliers are mindful of sustainability and the impact their manufacturing processes can have on the environment.