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How your purchase spreads kindness.

When you buy from Animals Australia, you actively contribute to more sustainable, fair, and compassionate global systems.

Every now and then, we can all benefit from some good old-fashioned retail therapy. When you buy with Animals Australia, that benefit extends to animals, to people and to the planet.

That’s because every product in this shop is carefully selected to align with exacting criteria; a set of ethical benchmarks to ensure that every purchase contributes to a kinder world. Every dollar translates to tangible, positive change, by supporting suppliers who are sustainable, fair, and compassionate in their operations.

This is an evolving journey for us. We are constantly discovering new things, learning about better ways to make our retail choices and best of all, products that are cruelty free that we can’t do without.

So, grab a new outfit, your next Sunday afternoon read, a sweet vegan treat, or a tote bag to proudly wear your heart on your sleeve shoulder. We guarantee you’ll feel good, because you’re doing good too.

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Here’s how your purchase contributes to a kinder world for people, animals and the planet:

Whenever we add a new item to our shop, we thoroughly analyse both the product itself and the supplier who provides it. This includes careful steps and considerations for:

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Supporting suppliers who are kind to animals

We do this by investigating every prospective partner to determine:

  • Does the supplier sell animal-derived products?
  • Does the supplier have any kind of animal product policy: whether freely available on their website, or available on request?
  • Does the supplier have any kind of cruelty-free or vegan certification?
  • Is the supplier owned by—or do they have any affiliation with—a company that uses animal products or tests on animals?

For products, we:

  • Only stock products that are completely vegan
  • Only stock products that come with a Choose Cruelty Free certification, or a similar equivalent.
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Supporting suppliers who are kind to people

We do this by inspecting supply chains and manufacturing practices, to answer important questions such as:

  • How does the supplier ensure the protection of all people involved in their supply chain?
  • Is there full transparency around the factories this supplier partners with?
  • Does the supplier have any certification to prove compliance with labour standards and rights?
  • Does the supplier demonstrate beliefs contrary to inclusivity and acceptance of all people?
  • Conversely, does the supplier actively demonstrate beliefs of inclusivity and acceptance of all people?
  • Do these products—and production practices—reiterate our values of integrity, compassion, and inclusivity?
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Supporting suppliers who are kind to the earth

We do this by ensuring our suppliers are mindful of sustainability and the impact their manufacturing practices can have on the environment. We ask:

  • Does the supplier have any certifications for environmentally friendly practices?
  • Is there a clear policy or statement from the supplier about their commitment to earth-friendly production models?
  • How is the environment impacted by the supplier’s production process (including transportation of the product)?
  • What does the product’s lifecycle look like?
  • What are the materials involved in producing the product?
We stock the quality you expect, with unique qualities that go the extra mile for kindness.

This image contains content which some may find confronting

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Certified positive, for a shopping spree that’s kind to all.

Where relevant, our products meet important global benchmarks for ethical standards and sustainable production cycles. Some examples of the types of standards our varying products meet include:

  • Meeting the Global Organic Textile Standard (or GOTS): This is the worldwide leading textile processing standard for organic fibres. The standard incorporates ecological and social criteria, backed up by independent third-party certification of the entire textile supply chain.
  • Being Fair Wear Certified: This certification is overseen and awarded by the Fair Wear Foundation: an independent, non-profit organisation that works to improve conditions for workers in garment factories. The Fair Wear Certification accelerates the movement towards a world where garment workers see their human rights realised, where change is driven through freedom of association, and the global value chain is a source of safe, dignified, and properly paid employment.
  • Carrying the Oeko-Tex ‘STANDARD 100’ Certification: The Oeko-Tex ‘STANDARD 100’ Certification ensures that products—and all components involved in the creation of those products—are non-hazardous. Products that carry the STANDARD 100 label have been tested for, and do not include, any harmful substances in their production. The criteria go beyond many national and international requirements, and are updated once per year.
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Spending here means saving the environment.

Many of the products stocked in the Animals Australia shop are selected for their eco-friendly design. For example:

  • All of our paper products are 100% recycled. Because we care about wildlife, we will never support plantation or logging industries
  • A majority of our items are made from recycled materials, and/or can be recycled fully at the completion of their lifecycle.
  • We strive to stock items made with organic materials as part of a strategy to reduce the amount of harmful substances—like plastics—circulating in the environment. This includes products like reusable bamboo coffee cups, bamboo cutlery sets (which are completely biodegradable) and organic cotton clothing using water-based inks.

Buy from suppliers who give back in important ways.

Some of our products divert portions of their purchase price to third-party charities, and animal rights and environmental initiatives. Examples include:

  • These socks support a ‘give back’ program where they donate socks to homeless shelters. So far, they’ve contributed 80,000 pairs to people experiencing homelessness.
  • Our plush animals come from Wild Republic, a company committed to nature and conservation. In addition to a range of social responsibility initiatives, they support Panmana Asramam, a rescue and rehabilitation centre for animals that are abandoned or destined for abattoirs.
  • Some products directly support organisations whose admission we admire and support. Like this book from Edgar’s Mission: a not-for-profit farm animal sanctuary that seeks to create a humane and just world for all.

This image contains content which some may find confronting

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