Safran Foer on 'Eating Animals'

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Last updated 28 March 2010

Best selling novelist Jonathan Safran Foer has left fiction behind to write an eye-opening book on the truth about factory farming and ‘eating animals’.

‘Eating Animals’ is the culmination of a three year, one man investigation into factory farms. Spurred on by becoming a father, and with a desire to know what he was putting on his son’s plate, bestselling novelist, Jonathan Safran Foer decided to look into where his food came from. What he discovered compelled Safran Foer to leave fiction behind and write a book exposing the truth of the animal production industry. In a powerful interview on ABC’s Lateline he discusses ‘Eating Animals’ and what drove him to write this important book.

Buy 'Eating Animals' by Jonathan Safran FoerAs the author states, this powerful and passionate book is not about changing peoples minds or values. It is about providing a clear line of vision between people and the food they eat. Factory farming exploits millions of animals each year, and has far reaching consequences for people and the environment as well. ‘Eating Animals’ gives an insight into what occurs behind closed doors.

When you purchase Jonathan Safran Foer’s ‘Eating Animals’ through Animals Australia’s shop, the proceeds will go toward funding our campaigns to expose and end factory farming in Australia.