People all over the world are helping to end live animal export!

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Last updated 31 May 2017

Our investigations into live export cruelty are inspiring people from one side of the world to the other to take action for the animals.

Every single Animals Australia supporter is part of this global community of compassionate citizens who are each, in their own way, doing their bit to create a kinder world for everyone.

In South America…

Our investigators found this young black bull in Egypt. He had been rounded up from the wide open pampas of Uruguay, herded onto a live export ship, and forced to endure the gruelling 21-day journey from South America to the Middle East.

It is for him, and for the thousands of animals who are so cruelly exported from Uruguay to face fully-conscious slaughter overseas, that we have launched Latin America’s first ever campaign to end live export.

Whether from Uruguay, like this young bull, or from Australia or Europe, no animal deserves to suffer the fear and terror of live export.

Our investigation footage, revealing the cruel fate of South American animals, has already made news headlines — and inspired compassionate Uruguayans to rally in peaceful protest, calling on their President to end live export.

An End Live Export rally in Montevideo called on politicians to 'Detengamos los barcos de la muerte!' [Stop the boats of death!] While social media posts after the event proudly proclaimed 'La lluvia no nos detiene!' [The rain did not stop us!]

In Europe…

Evidence from our investigations exposing the treatment of European animals in the Middle East has now been released in 27 EU member states, prompting the European Commission to take action and audit a number of countries — with a special focus on live export.

Animals International's Gerit Weidinger (and curious friends) filming a major TV exposé in Austria.

Compassionate people all over the world have ensured that the victims of Europe’s live export trade have been given a powerful voice on social media where their stories have been told — in 19 different languages.

The tragic story of dairy cow, 'Anna', who gave birth then was killed during live export, has been viewed hundreds of thousands of times around the world.


To date, some 106,767 people (and counting!) from 157 countries have signed our global petition to end live export. You can add your voice here!

And many more are taking matters into their own hands after witnessing the needless suffering of animals transported around the world just for their ‘meat’. Every day, thousands of people — from Brazil to Lithuania — are flocking to our international ‘WhyVeg‘ websites, keen for tips on how to help reduce the demand for meat that is fuelling this industry.

Why not join them? 🙂

These international veg sites have been translated into 13 languages — and are being actively promoted in 21 countries!

Help support our investigations

Right now, we are planning our next strategic live export campaign. Any support you can offer to assist our investigators as they gear-up to head back into the field will help ensure we can continue this vital work for the animals.

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