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Last updated 14 April 2014

Compassion knows no borders …

In the wake of shocking animal cruelty exposés emanating from the Gaza Strip, it’s easy to lose faith that a kinder world is attainable — but the determination of a caring young Palestinian to protect animals is helping to bring this hope to Gaza.

It’s hard for any of us to imagine what life is like for Palestinians in the Gaza Strip. Consider 1.7 million people in an area half the size of Canberra. Nearly half of all adults can’t find paid work and it’s estimated that one in five people in Gaza are living in extreme poverty. Simple things that we all take for granted such as running water and electricity are considered luxuries. At any given moment, at least one-third of Gaza will be in the dark.

Late last year the UN issued a report saying Gaza is becoming uninhabitable and the humanitarian conditions are deteriorating.

This is a part of the world that has known seemingly unceasing turmoil, so the ongoing cruelty to Australian cattle in Gaza may not surprise many people.

There are many factors that underpin animal cruelty and they are different in each country, including our own. Inevitably, those who are actively involved in animal cruelty are in the minority and the majority would be appalled by it — especially in Islamic cultures, where the religion speaks strongly to kindness and compassion to animals.

But what hope do animals have in a world where violence begets violence and in a place where, for the humans, life constitutes a daily struggle to survive?

Thanks to one young Palestinian, whose name we cannot reveal for safety reasons, there is much hope for animals in the Gaza strip.

This brave individual has spent the last few weeks documenting the treatment of Australian cattle in Gaza – witnessing the ongoing horrors Australia’s live export industry is supplying them to. His evidence has formed the basis of one of Animals Australia’s most substantive legal complaints – our job now is to ensure his efforts bring about change.

But his story doesn’t end there.

This caring young man’s dream is to establish an animal protection society in Gaza because, in his own words, ‘there is nobody in Gaza acting on behalf of animals’.

Animals Australia has set about making his dream a reality, and has committed to providing him with the support he needs. An important journey has commenced through the courage of one young Palestinian.

We truly believe that kindness and compassion transcends all perceived barriers and that addressing the root cause of cruelty to animals will benefit humans too.

This kind young man isn’t alone in caring for animals in Gaza (click through the photo gallery below to see), and thanks to the hundreds of thousands of people who support the work of Animals Australia, he won’t be alone in creating a kinder world for them.


Man in boat rescues cat from floodsMan on beach with dog, PalestineMan brings sheep in from the snowYoung boy plays with donkey foal, Palestine


A Palestinian man rescues a cat from rising floodwaters in Gaza — 2013. (AP Photo/Khalil Hamra)

This man is often seen on the beach with his beloved dogs — not only playing ball, but teaching them to save people from drowning. (Photo: Mohammed Abed/Getty)

Winters can be unforgiving in Palestine — this man is carrying his sheep in from the snow. (Photo: Washington Post)

A young Palestinian boy plays with his family’s donkey foal outside their home. (AP Photo/Adel Hana)


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