Credit: Sulala Animal Rescue
A Gazan man kneels down to feed kibble to three yellow medium-sized dogs

Gaza’s animals and the people caring for them desperately need help. Here’s what you can do today.

The situation is desperate. Here are 3 things you can do today to help the animals in Gaza and the people courageously caring for them.

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Animals Australia team

Last updated November 29, 2023

While the fundamental need for animals is an end to the violence — right now, the immediate priority is ensuring that food and veterinary supplies can be replenished.

The situation in Gaza continues to deteriorate rapidly. Thousands have been killed, and the humanitarian crisis is worsening each day. For the countless animals who have survived airstrikes, their future is bleak in areas that have been evacuated and destroyed.

Our friends at Sulala Animal Rescue are alive — and despite the constant danger and difficulty, they continue to care for hundreds of animals. But food has now run out.

Animals Australia has formally requested help for Gaza’s animals from various aid agencies, such as food and basic veterinary supplies to be included in convoys. We will keep working on this as each day that passes brings the depletion of food one day closer.

1. Amplify the calls for life-saving supplies for animals to be brought into Gaza:

The provision of aid to Gaza is a highly political issue, with aid supply being central to negotiations like the recent temporary ceasefire.  If you can spare a few minutes, please consider e-mailing the following contacts to ask that urgent food and veterinary supplies for animals throughout Gaza be included in humanitarian aid convoys.

For Australian Citizens:

Dr Ralph King
Australian Ambassador to Israel

Her Excellency Ms Caroline Kennedy
Ambassador of the United States of America to Australia

For US citizens:

Call or email your Congressperson.
Find  your legislators
By email here
By phonehere

For EU citizens:

Mr Maciej Popowski
Director General of the Directorate General for European Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid Operations Phone: +32 229 59910

European Parliament:
You can find your national representatives here
Click your country on the map and then SHOW LIST on the right. You’ll be able to click their names and see links to their email and social media. At the bottom of the page, you will find each member’s phone number

Below is an example of what you may wish to include in your e-mail. Please consider this as an example — as always, it will be much more powerful in your own words.

I am deeply concerned about the catastrophic humanitarian disaster that is worsening in Gaza and the need for aid to reach those most vulnerable right now. Under One Health principles, I write to amplify the voices of the community in Gaza that cares for the animals who share their homes and support them in their daily lives — through working or companionship. I hold grave concerns for the welfare of both the people and animals in Gaza as the war continues, and I would like to take this opportunity to appeal to you to consider the urgent need for basic supplies to reach animals who are now impacted by starvation, illness and stranding.

I appreciate that this is a crisis situation and that humanitarian aid is in short supply. I  simply ask that the animals of Gaza be considered and included in aid negotiations.

There is one animal protection organisation on the ground in Gaza, Sulala Society for Animal Care. They have hundreds of animals in their care, and many more need their care. They are trying to coordinate distribution of basic supplies among the community who are appealing for food to keep their animals alive. However, food supply has run out, and starvation is now impacting animals throughout all of Gaza. 

We ask your decision-makers to please act as a matter of urgency.

2. Donate to help purchase essential supplies for animals in Gaza

Animals Australia is sending your donations to Sulala Animal Rescue to ensure that they have access to funds when they need it.

We continue to send donations weekly, which enables Saeed and the team at Sulala to secure critical supplies for animals, while they remain accessible.


3. Follow Sulala Animal Rescue on social media

The Sulala Team are updating their social media channels as frequently as possible. We encourage you to follow them for the latest information and updates, and to share their content with family and friends so that others can become aware of the lifesaving work they are undertaking in Gaza.

They are most active on instagram, we recommend following them there for the latest updates — @sulalaanimalrescue

And also have a presence on Facebook, Threads, Twitter/X and TikTok.

This image contains content which some may find confronting

Saeed, founder of Sulala Animal Rescue is smooched by a grey tabby cat called Minwar
Saeed with his beloved cat, Minwar.
Image credit: Anas Baba