‘Hoax’ claims shut down

Animals Australia

Animals Australia team

Last updated August 11, 2011

What lengths will live export lobbyists go to to defend the cruel trade? You’ll be amazed.

Unable to defend the abuse dealt out to so many Australian animals as seen on Australia’s most respected current affairs program Four Corners, Senator Chris Back has attempted to suggest that Animals Australia’s recent Indonesian investigation was ‘staged’.

The claims were made during the Federal Senate Inquiry into the animal welfare practices in the live export industry on Wednesday August 10, seemingly in an attempt to deflect proceedings from the issue of serious animal welfare concerns in importing countries, which Animals Australia has been instrumental in exposing over the past eight years.

Animals Australia immediately released a statement refuting the outrageous allegations.

Respected Four Corners journalist Sarah Ferguson also published a response, labelling the allegations ‘baseless’.

While some politicians insist on playing political games with the welfare of animals, caring Australians remain resolute in their opposition to the unconscionable cruelty of live animal export.

Show your solidarity for millions of animals who have suffered needlessly in this indefensible trade by joining thousands of other Australians at the Ban Live Export national rally on Sunday August 14. This is a day for all Australians against animal cruelty who want a kinder future free from live export. Click here for times and locations in your city. We hope to see you there!