Aussie sheep spared from 'sacrifice' in Egypt

Animals Australia

Animals Australia team

Last updated 10 November 2006

In recent days, Egyptian media have reported that no Australian sheep will be available for the Eid-al-Adha (the ‘Festival of Sacrifice) this year, due to concerns about their welfare.

As a direct result of Animals Australia’s exposure of cruel treatment in Egypt, tens of thousands of Australian sheep will be spared unimaginable cruelty, while outrage at the treatment of animals has sparked nation-wide public and political focus in Egypt about the importance of animal welfare.

Vision of sheep tied to roof racks of cars, bound and shoved into car boots in extreme temperatures, and trussed on their backs in trucks shocked the Australian public and proved the new Memorandum of Understanding between Egypt and Australia—in which the Egyptian government committed to treating Australian animals in accordance with international standards—worthless.

There has since been no ‘commercial interest’ from Australian exporters to send animals to Egypt for this year’s Festival of Sacrifice for fear that Animals Australia investigators will document further abuse, fuelling public calls to end their indefensible industry.

Egyptian media reports have noted that the absence of Australian sheep for the Eid will mean significantly fewer animals will be killed in Egypt this year.