A black young cattle / cow looking towards camera and other cows standing behind

Stop cattle cruelty.

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Last updated December 8, 2021

Cattle are inquisitive animals who enjoy solving mental puzzles. But in the Australian beef and dairy industries these gentle giants are confronted with problems that they desperately need our help to solve.

Caught up in profit-driven industries, cattle have been denied the legal protection given to most other animals. As a result, they can have parts of their bodies cut off without pain relief; young calves in the dairy industry can be killed as ‘waste products’; and there may be no consequences when cattle on large stations suffer from neglect.

But with your help, these endearing animals can be given the protection they deserve. Discover more about what beef and dairy means for cattle, and take action at the links below.

You can help!

Call for an end to live export: The grim fate for many animals on cattle stations is to be loaded onto ships in the live export trade. Exported to countries with no laws to protect them, these animals can suffer unspeakable abuses — including having their throats cut whilst fully conscious. Click here to urge your MP to support a ban on live animal exports.

Make your choices count: Every time you sit down to dinner, you have an opportunity to make a difference. By making the choice to eat more meat-free meals, or take animals off your plate completely, you can help protect these wonderful animals and save lives. Click here to order your FREE guide to getting started eating meat-free.

This page contains graphic content which some may find upsetting.