Future food: Innovative companies changing the way we eat

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Last updated 20 July 2016

These new foods could save the planet.

Our food system is broken. Farmed animals consume more food than they produce. But business-savvy and ecologically-minded companies are trying to fix that — by skipping the ‘middle man’ and making the delicious foods we’re used to eating straight from plants! As well as significantly reducing the toll of industrialised agriculture on our planet, plant-based foods are infinitely kinder, with intensive farming of animals being the number one cause of animal cruelty today. (And we haven’t even touched on the health benefits yet!)

Let’s meet some of the companies that are changing the way we eat … for the better:

Impossible burgerIMAGE: Facebook/Impossible Foods

It’s a good thing that Impossible Foods aren’t actually impossible because they look totally delicious! This innovative food company launched the Impossible burger this year — which they claim looks, smells, sizzles and tastes just like a meat patty. And they say this is only the beginning, with more ‘meaty’ plant-based foods and cheeses to come!

Califia FarmsIMAGE: Facebook/Califia Farms

Califia Farms is on a mission to make innovative plant-based products that make going dairy-free easy and delicious. Their range includes milks, cold brew iced coffees with almond milk (including a salted caramel flavoured variety!) and coffee creamers, all of which cause no suffering to mother cows or their calves.

Beyond MeatIMAGE: Facebook/Beyond Meat

"We believe there is a better way to feed the planet. We are dedicated to improving human health, positively impacting climate change, conserving natural resources and respecting animal welfare."
- Beyond Meat, Our Mission

Products of a mission of kindness, Beyond Meat has a range of meatballs, tenders, strips, burgers and more which are already making their way onto shelves across the US. Made to impress even the most dubious of meat-eaters, the burgers bleed beet juice! Keep an eye out for this brand as they’ve got plans to expand their range into Aus!

Sunfed MeatsIMAGE: Facebook/Sunfed Meats

Sprouting from New Zealand, Sunfed Meats will release a range of meats made from sun-fed plants later this year. How good do these sizzling strips look? With 1 in 4 Australians hungry for plant-based foods, we hope to see Sunfed products on Aussie shelves soon!

The Not Company

IMAGE: Facebook/The Not Company

Chile-based innovators The Not Company want to change the way we think about milk. You can get all this good stuff from a glass of milk, and none of the bad stuff — all while helping to create a better world — so why not?

Hampton CreekIMAGE: Facebook/The Not Company

Two words: cookie dough. But let’s start at the beginning … Hampton Creek started out with a single product: egg-free mayo. It was so popular that they’ve since launched three other flavoured mayos – sriracha, garlic and chipotle. And recently they’ve ventured into something new: cookies, in four flavours, both pre-cooked and in dough — all completely egg-free. (Why egg-free?) Help them see there’s demand for delicious cruelty-free products in Aus by contacting them today.

The future is now …

The way we eat has the power to change the world for the better, and these innovative food companies are helping to make that choice mouth-wateringly delicious. The market for plant-based foods is huge and Australia is in fact the third fastest growing vegan market in the world. So we can expect to see new and exciting products popping up on supermarket shelves any day. And in the meantime, there are some great meat-free meats and dairy-free cheeses already readily available at major supermarkets in Australia. Grab your free Vegetarian Starter Kit for product recommendations, recipes and more.


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