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Last updated 4 July 2016

Whilst political change for animals might not happen as quickly as we’d like, we needn’t wait another minute to ‘cast our vote’ for a kinder world for animals.

Your vote remains incredibly powerful — and every day is another opportunity to use it:


A vote today to walk past the cage eggs in the supermarket can save a hen from a life of misery in a battery cage.


A vote against factory farmed products will bring pigs confined in crates so small they cannot turn around, one important step closer to freedom.


A vote to bypass the pet shop and adopt your next four legged family member from an animal shelter will give a loving cat or dog a second chance.


A vote to treat yourself to dairy-free chocolate, yoghurt and ice creams will help save a bobby calf from a trip to the slaughterhouse at only a few days old.


A vote to reduce or replace the animal products in your shopping trolley next week could save lives and help save the planet.


A vote to teach kindness to children will pay dividends for generations.


And a vote to stay the course with us and be a voice for animals will speed the day when all creatures are afforded the respect and compassion they so desperately deserve.

Thank you, in every way, on every day, for voting for a kinder world!


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Thank you to our friends at Freedom Hill Sanctuary for the photo of Isabelle and her friend Darcy