Landmark puppy factory street ads are turning heads!

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Last updated April 21, 2015

It’s a puppy farmer’s worst nightmare, and an abused dog’s only hope — caring Australians learning the truth about puppy factories.

And thanks to our hard-hitting new TV and street ads on behalf of man’s best friend, millions of caring Australians are discovering the reality of puppy factories — and what they can do to help free dogs from cruelty.

In the biggest campaign for dogs that Australia has ever seen, our bold new TV ad is reaching some 16 million people during top-rating shows like My Kitchen Rules, giving an unprecedented voice to the victims of this callous trade.

As well as appearing on television, puppy factory survivors are making the daily commute more dog-friendly than ever before! At some of the country’s busiest bus and tram stops, these eye-catching street ads are educating over 5 million individuals about the life of deprivation and neglect for dogs inside puppy factories.

Help free dogs like Oscar from puppy factory cruelty!

Help free dogs like Muffy from puppy factory cruelty!

Help free dogs like Rocco from puppy factory cruelty!

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The factory farming of dogs has become big business in Australia. And it’s entirely legal. But we’re working to change that. Reforms being adopted by Victoria’s new Labor government will not only make it tougher for unscrupulous breeders to operate, but will also set a benchmark for other states to follow.

The short video below has already been viewed over a quarter of a million times online … see for yourself how asking one simple question can help give all dogs the life they deserve: How well do you know your best friend?

Help us create a world without puppy factories!

Hand in paw, you and your pooch can tackle puppy factories together: upload your dog’s photo at and share your statement against puppy factory cruelty with friends and family — and the world!

Help save dogs from puppy factories!