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Last updated April 9, 2020

Animals Australia is proud to be supported by an amazing community of changemakers — a community made up of more than 2 million compassionate people from all corners of the globe.

They tune in every day across our many social media channels to have conversations that matter.

Conversations about animals. About the world we live in. And about how we as individuals — and as a caring collective — can make a difference in the lives of others.

We believe in the power of one idea, one thought, one conversation to transform the world.

We love our community. And we’d love YOU to be part of it.

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From breaking news to rescue stories and powerful ways to help animals, you can find all this and more on our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube social channels — we hope to see you there!

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Want to do more?

As an animal protection and advocacy organisation, our core work is underpinned by investigations, public-awareness campaigns and political and legal advocacy. If you sign up to our email-list we’ll be sure to keep you up-to-date with the latest opportunities to take action for animals!

If you’re keen to get more hands-on, there are plenty more ways you can make a difference:

1. Volunteer with your local animal shelter

Volunteering with your local animal shelter is a truly life-changing experience. Shelter dogs, cats and ‘pocket pets’, such as rabbits, guinea pigs, lizards and more, crave love, affection and fun — just like us! We guarantee that the sight of a dog’s face lighting up as you open their pen and take them for a walk will warm the cockles of your heart. And not only are you giving shelter animals much-needed exercise and attention, you’ll be helping to improve their sociability — and chances of being adopted. Life-changing indeed!

2. Discover the joys of caring for wildlife

While you’ll need to gain the appropriate training and permits to care for wildlife, the results are well worth the effort. Caring for injured, abandoned or lost wildlife, until they’re healed, healthy and ready for release into the wild, is one of the most rewarding experiences an animal lover can have. If you’re keen to jump in, a good starting point would be to contact your local wildlife group for all the details.

3. Visit an animal sanctuary

Sanctuaries for farmed animals are often run entirely by volunteers — compassionate people who have chosen to devote their lives to the rescue, rehabilitation and life-long happiness of the animals in their care. Any help you can offer — in the form of volunteering or donations will always be most welcome! You could also consider making an appointment for a group of your friends and family to visit, and help spread the world that all animals — whether they have paws, hooves, fins, scales or feathers — are deserving of kindness and a long and happy life.

There are animal sanctuaries all around Australia, including some of our favourites such Edgar’s Mission (VIC), Brightside (TAS), Freedom Hill (SA), Greener Pastures (WA) and Sugarshine (NSW).

4. Travel kindly

When you’re passionate about animals it can be tempting to want to interact with them while on holiday. But, sadly, this means you could unwittingly be contributing to animal cruelty — the last thing an animal lover would want to do! To help you avoid the common tourist traps we’ve put together a list of handy travel hints to ensure you can enjoy amazing experiences without hurting animals.

We’ve also created a list of ten incredible places you can see animals in the wild and their natural habitats, living the life of freedom all animals deserve.

5. Eat more veg — for the animals

Factory farming is the number one cause of animal cruelty today, and it exists for one reason: to meet consumer demand for meat, eggs and dairy. In fact, the vast majority of pigs, egg-laying hens and chickens bred for their ‘meat’ and eggs in Australia are raised in factory farms — where they endure intense confinement and agonising surgical procedures without pain relief. By exploring the delicious world of plant-based food you can take a powerful stance against factory farm and slaughterhouse cruelty, and help spare animals from suffering.

And every plant-based meal makes a difference! Our Veg Starter Kit makes it easier than ever to be kind to animals, yourself — and the planet. It’s completely free and full of recipes, nutritional advice, tips on eating out and more. Order your FREE kit today! Or, if you’re keen to get cooking right away, you can browse 100+ delicious, plant-based recipes at — from hearty breakfasts and quick dinners to scrumptious snacks and desserts, we’ve got you covered.