Be their Hero.

When Davo met Tottie, his life changed forever. This beautiful tale of unexpected love and friendship is inspiring people all over Australia to see these glorious animals for who they truly are. And, to change their world for them.

An evolution of thinking.

As Davo and Tottie's friendship deepens, Tottie's unique and lovable presence inspires Davo to make kinder choices.

Davo taking Tottie for a walk as if she is a dog where he meets a girl and her dog

A new way of living.

The third installment of Be their Hero showcases a 'day in the life' of Davo and Tottie, and how one kind choice continues to enrich their lives, transform his choices, and bring joy to everyone they meet along the way.

Be a Hero for animals

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Davo is holding Tottie the piglet and looking lovingly at her

Why do animals need heroes?

Tottie is one lucky piglet. She will live a life where she is seen as someone, rather than something. Sadly, for millions of pigs in Australia this isn’t the case. Most pigs endure lives of deprivation in factory farms. And all pigs – whether factory-farmed or free-range – will face an agonising death.

Tottie the piglet looking up at the camera making eye contact
Behind every piece of bacon and ham is a ‘Tottie’.
And within each of us is a desire to protect her from harm.
We can.

Be their Hero.

We inherited a world that decreed some animals friends and others food, some animals worthy of kindness and not others.

The heroes amongst us are those who inspire belief in a new possibility. That possibility, so desperately needed by Tottie and friends, is to value them for who they are, not for what their bodies can produce.

We live at a time when food choices abound that don’t require the suffering and deaths of sentient beings like Tottie. A choice to save a life rather than take a life, is a heroic heart-led choice that creates the foundation for a kinder world for all.

Tottie the piglet is in a washing basket on top of freshly washed linen with clothing hanging on the line around her
Tottie the pig playing with her soccer ball

Join the Evolution.

Current laws that permit the cruel treatment and slaughter of farmed animals like Tottie are based on outdated thinking.

We now understand so much more about animal sentiency and the commonalities we share with animals. We know all animals will befriend us and respond to human kindness. We know all animals share the capacity to suffer.

We have the chance to see them anew and make choices and decisions that align with our values and our hearts.

We all have an inner Hero.

Somewhere in each one of us is an inner hero, a change-maker, whose desire is to protect the vulnerable and transform this world for the better.

So many practices impacting animals have been deliberately kept from us by industries that know we would never condone or support them if we understood the true repercussions for animals.

Tottie and friends need us to be trailblazers, to be their heroes…

Tottie the piglet is is being patted on the face and she looks like she is smiling
Davo and Tottie the piglet are sitting cosily on the couch whilst Davo drinks a cup of tea

Every conscious, kind choice we make inspires a new way of thinking and creates a kinder world for them, and for us.

Vegan Shawarma
Vegan Shawarma
Imagine a world where the food you enjoy
is delicious, healthy
and free from suffering.

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Vodafone NZ’s original commercial, ‘Piggy Sue’, provided the inspiration for Be their Hero. We are grateful to Vodafone NZ for allowing us to re-create this beautiful story for Australian audiences.