Lyn White on stage giving speach during 2014 speaking tour.

Becoming the best we can be.

An evening with Lyn White: Lyn's nationwide speaking tour inspired thousands of people across the country - and it's now available to everyone.

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Last updated December 6, 2021

Does history have to repeat itself or is it possible to have a kinder, more peaceful world?

Lyn explores the causalities she has witnessed through a unique career path from policing to animal advocacy, spanning countries, cultures and belief systems.

She retraces the steps of generations past to shift human consciousness – uncovering the one truth, that it is our true nature to be kind, not cruel and that the key to a better world already exists in each and every one of us.

On this very personal journey, Lyn shares shares the ‘wake-up calls’ that created a profound transformation in her life, shaped her view of the world and the people within it. And, why she has come to believe that the pathway to a kinder world could be as straight-forward as becoming the best we can be, what Albert Einstein called our sacred human duty