Rescued cows say thank you in the most incredible way.

When these cows are given life, this is what they do with it.

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Last updated October 26, 2014

Twenty-five cows destined for slaughter were given a rare second chance. Watch as they greet the beginning of Spring — and the start of their new lives — in a display of some of the purest joy you will ever see.

When a dairy farmer’s financial problems seemingly sealed the fate of these dairy cows, locals of the German town Rheinberg rallied together to save them.

We see the cows every day and couldn't bear the thought of them being killed.
Anke Heublein
Founder of fundraising club Save the Cows in Rheinberg

Realising the gentle animals had so more to offer to the world than their milk, enough money was raised to not only secure the cows’ lives — but to allow them to enjoy their newfound retirement, and their freedom, in peace.

This image contains content which some may find confronting

A portrait of a young boy standing in front of cows in a pasture

All cows deserve to experience joy…

Cows are intelligent, social and sensitive animals who form strong friendships, and like us, are capable of suffering — and joy. Many are surprised to learn that, sadly, lives of dairy cows in Australia are often far from joyful. Kept almost continually pregnant, these mothers are separated from their calves so that their milk can be harvested for human consumption.

By learning about dairy’s hidden secrets, you can help shape a world that is kinder to cows and their calves. 1 in 6 Australians are choosing to live dairy-free! Discover why this is such great news for calves and their mums — and learn how your choices can spread a little more joy in the world.

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