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Peter Singer returns to Australia to talk ‘Animal Liberation Now

One of the most influential philosophers of our time and author of influential 1975 text Animal Liberation returns to Australia for a speaking tour that is not to be missed.

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Last updated June 8, 2023

As one of the most influential philosophers of our time and author of influential 1975 text Animal Liberation, Peter Singer has had a significant impact on the early development of the animal protection movement.

Peter is one of the founders of Animals Australia and we are delighted to hear he is speaking at events in both Perth and Adelaide in July to launch the latest edition of his revolutionary book — Animal Liberation Now.

Suffering is suffering.

When the first edition of Animal Liberation was published this was a new concept, both logical and revolutionary. Delving into the philosophical and ethical aspects of animal rights, Animal Liberation Now is the rewritten version of Singer’s 1975 landmark book that opened the world’s eyes to the suffering of animals in factory farms and laboratories. Through updated research and interesting analysis, this book challenges societal ‘norms’, inspiring us to re-evaluate the human-animal relationship and respect the inherent value of all thinking, feeling beings.

Peter’s clear message that animals deserve full considerations of their interests is pivotal to the animal protection movement – his contribution to the reduction of suffering is immense.

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Peter Singer's book Animal Liberation Now lays on a red and white picnic rug on grass with a sheep grazing in the distance

Peter Singer’s latest book Animal Liberation Now is available in the Animals Australia Shop.

An event not to be missed

Peter’s work is legendary in adding a key ethical and philosophical element to the argument for a better life for animals; cruel discrimination on the basis of species was — and still is — is so very wrong. He will be visitng Australia in July, with in-person events in both Perth and Adelaide and the option to tune in remotely across Australia as he launches ‘Animal Liberation Now’.

  • Perth Concert Hall – Friday 21st July 2023 Tickets
  • Adelaide Town Hall – Sunday 23rd July 2023 Tickets
  • Live stream – Friday 21st July 2023 Tickets
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All the arguments to prove man's superiority cannot shatter this hard fact: in suffering the animals are our equals.
Peter Singer
Peter Singer