Days old dairy calf sitting on the hay

Saved from slaughter: dairy calf repays rescuers in cuddles.

Rescued from slaughter as a calf, Salvador shows his affection for the people who saved him.

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Last updated June 8, 2015

When he was very little, Salvador’s fate was grim. He was born on a Chilean dairy farm, where his mother was a dairy cow.

Because he would never produce milk, he was set to be slaughtered for ‘veal’.

Thankfully, Salvador’s luck changed. He was rescued from the tiny crate in which he had been kept — sick and alone — and now lives with his loving adopted family at Santuario Igualdad Interespecie. And he loves showing his affection for his rescuers in the most adorable way…

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Salvador soon after he was rescued.

Instead of being considered a ‘waste product’, Salvador is enjoying all the love and care that he deserves. Now he spends his time basking in sunshine, and getting his daily quota of snuggles.

Sadly, unwanted male calves are victims of the Australian dairy industry, too. Each year hundreds of thousands of ‘bobby’ calves are killed in their first week of life. But you can help save calves like Salvador right here at home by joining the growing number of Aussies going deliciously dairy-free.