Animals Australia Grants Progam.

In the aftermath of disasters, in warzones, and through global pandemics, our grants program is fuelling some incredible projects and people helping animals.

Our work in the international animal protection field has proven time and again, that amidst even the most harrowing emergencies and times of disaster, there are always kindhearted people helping animals.

When we’ve seen stranded animals on the streets being fed and cared for during lockdowns, or rescuers searching rubble in warzones or helping animals impacted by floods and fire, our despair has quickly turned to hope.

Because these people reinforce our belief that compassion knows no borders, and there really is hope for animals everywhere.

This image contains content which some may find confronting

Funding change-makers

Our grants program has been created to help create a kinder world, by funding consciousness-shifting initiatives and ‘changemakers’ who are already doing some of the most challenging, critical, inspiring and innovative work within the global animal protection movement.

Our vision for this program will be to continue to support global initiatives that showcase ‘kindness in action’ around the world, through programs that not only help animals but that ignite a belief in a higher potential for humanity.

Thousands saved

Through 2020, our emergency grants directly supported over 20 groups and organisations, and helped thousands of individual animals across 10 countries. These grants funded both emergency response initiatives and long-lasting projects for animals.

To see some of the many animals saved through our grants program, and the incredible people helping them, head here.