Hens abandoned in mega factory farm.

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Take action for hens now

Take action today by demanding an end to battery cages in Australia as soon as possible.

Take action for hens now

Take action today by demanding an end to battery cages in Australia as soon as possible.

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Great news for hens: there are no cage egg farms in NT or ACT, and the ACT has passed laws that don’t allow them. Please consider emailing the Federal Agriculture Minister Murray Watt, calling for a nationwide ban on cages.

The Prime Minister’s email address is no longer monitored, but you can still contact Prime Minister Anthony Albanese here. Thank you for wanting to protect animals from cruelty!

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Last updated November 30, 2020

They called it ‘state of the art’ — but the lives led by ‘forgotten’ hens trapped inside this ‘Egg Corp Assured’ PACE factory farm will leave you stunned…

You won't believe where this hen lives...

THE SOLUTION: outlaw the inherently cruel cage egg system.

When animals who live trapped among towers of rotting excrement have a better quality of life than those still ‘in the system’ — the question must be asked: how is this system still legal?

In many countries, it isn’t. The laws that govern Australian egg farms were due for review years ago. But this critical review faced delay after delay. Meanwhile, the barren battery cage has been banned throughout the European Union.

Australia is failing desperately in its obligation to protect animals. And in more ways than one.

This investigation exposed an even darker side to the cage egg industry: that birds can ‘live’ and die with no independent person having ever set eyes on them. This is because there is no requirement for routine, independent auditing or oversight of factory farms in Australia.

This is an industry that will squeeze every last dollar out of every last animal if given the chance. Please don’t let them.

Take action today by demanding an end to the battery cage in Australia as soon as possible.