Nation-wide radio campaign hits the airwaves! Stars speak out for hens & demand an end to caged cruelty… Listen now!

Stars speak out for hens & demand an end to caged cruelty... Listen now!

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Animals Australia team

Last updated January 25, 2018

Four of Australia’s most well-known personalities have lent their voices to hens in our series of powerful radio ads airing across major networks.

Hear Mick Molloy, Judith Lucy, Lehmo and Sam Pang urge an end to caged cruelty:





Add your voice for hens.

Right now, the future of the battery cage in Australia hangs in the balance. You can join more than 50,000 caring Aussies in making a one-minute online submission calling for hens to be free from caged cruelty, and help create a kinder future for all.


Help hens stay on the air.

You can keep these ads on the air by supporting our radio appeal today. Every dollar donated will help us ensure that this historic chance to end battery cage cruelty is heard by millions of Australians.

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