What would animals in factory farms dream of?

A glimpse of the outside world perhaps? A life worth living? Instead for millions of animals each year, it is lockdown for life, trapped in systems born in another era. And that’s why these animals need your help to create a kinder world or them.

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Last updated December 15, 2020

You see it was long, long ago that our ancestors decreed that some animals would be friends and others food – that some would be valued for who they are, and others only for what their bodies produce. This is the world view we inherited. We were raised to open our hearts to some animals and not others, and those excluded, have born a great cost.

But what if this is not the way it was meant to be?

The human animal bond is one of the most beautiful aspects of life on Earth …

What if we were meant to care about them all?

What if the only thing stopping us is a belief system that taught us to care about some, and not others?

That prevented us from getting to know and befriend these unique, lovable characters, and from opening our hearts to them as well.


We can’t change the past. We can shape a kinder future.

Consumer demand for animal products led to factory farming. We can be the generation that thinks differently and chooses differently and brings it to an end. We live at a time where there is an abundance of plant-based alternatives on offer. Choosing them is the ultimate act of kindness to animals. Choosing them will inspire a new way of thinking and heart-based living.

The two most important days of your life are the day you are born, and the day you realise why.
Mark Twain

This image contains content which some may find confronting

What if you are here to create a kinder world?

What if you are here to make the dreams of those who need kindness most come true?

You have that power.

A world where there would be time for them, and a place for them…

A world where they would be someone, not something…

A world where they would no longer be seen as lesser beings, but our fellow beings.

Make their dreams come true