Lyn White standing in front of animal rights activists that are carrying ban live export placards

Representing animals in government and policy.

Learn about the progress we have secured for animals through our engagement with government and industry.

Many of the decisions that affect animals on the largest scale are made in company boardrooms, government committees and industry meetings. Thanks to Animals Australia supporters, we can be there so animals have someone on their side — speaking out for them and against routine suffering and cruelty.

Portrait of a sheep / lamb looking towards camera

A voice for animals

Some of the progress we have secured for animals through our engagement with government and industry include:

  • Sparing Australian sheep from the risk of ‘cooking alive’ on live export ships through the successful ban on shipments from Australia during the Northern Hemisphere summer.
  • Regulations (ESCAS) that make live export companies legally responsible for the Australian animals they sell, and outlawing some of the worst abuses associated with the trade.
  • New integrity and enforcement bodies in greyhound racing, and a ban on live animal baiting.
  • Mandatory pain relief for lambs in Victoria when they’re mulesed


A rescued greyhound with a placard hanging from their neck reading
  • Protecting native wildlife like flying foxes in Victoria from injury and death with a ban on dangerous fruit tree netting.
  • Improved laws to protect dogs and puppies from puppy farmers, including a ban on selling dogs and cats in pet shops in Victoria.
  • Major retailers committing to no longer selling pork produced from sows in tiny stalls, and to phase out the sale of eggs from battery hens.

We are also continuing to provide input into reviews of animal welfare and cruelty prevention laws across Australia and globally.