Greyhound rescue: Your guide to fostering or adopting a greyhound!

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Last updated September 15, 2023

Do you need more greyhound in your life? If the idea of a sweet, affectionate ‘couch potato’ of a dog sharing your home sounds greyt then the answer might be greyhound adoption.


Ask anyone who has rescued a greyhound about their experience and be prepared to make yourself comfortable. One thing nobody warns you about, is how much you become OBSESSED with these gentle dogs. While some people may never have the fortune of meeting a greyhound, thankfully in recent years it is becoming quite common to see rescued greyhounds in cafes and at local dog parks, often complete with specialised greyhound ‘pyjamas’ and fancy collars (this isn’t just a fashion thing… but more on that later.)

And while it’s wonderful to know that some discarded dogs are finding a second chance at life in loving homes, sadly, the problem of over-breeding and discarding of ‘unviable’ and unwanted greyhounds means that there are still far too many not being afforded the ‘greyt life’ that all dogs deserve. Healthy dogs and puppies are killed every year because of greyhound racing. They may die after being injured on the track, when they are deemed not profitable enough to race anymore, or they may simply ‘disappear’.

Learn more about the history of greyhound racing here.

Greyhounds are renowned for being very gentle, affectionate, and loving. Despite being known to many only as ‘racing dogs’, many are quite relaxed and low-energy — and while they will enjoy bursts of energy like all dogs (aka “zoomies”) are often happy to just laze about, especially if their beloved human companion is near.

If you’ve ever thought about welcoming a dog into your life, a greyhound just might be the right dog for you! And even if you’re not ready to commit to adopting, you may wish to foster a greyhound temporarily. Foster carers play a crucial role in animal rescue, and particularly greyhound rescue. This is because greyhounds often come directly from a racing kennel environment — and they need help to transition into beloved ‘companion life’. It can be an incredibly rewarding experience to teach a dog — who has only ever been valued for how much gambling money they make — how good life is when they’re loved and valued as the individual they are.

You can help give a greyhound the chance to be the companion they were born to be by adopting or fostering one through a greyhound rescue group.

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Greyhounds smiling

Is greyhound adoption for you?

Many people are surprised to discover that greyhounds make wonderful family pets. They’re naturally gentle and loving dogs, who generally don’t require a big backyard or a huge amount of exercise (though of course, like all dogs this does depend on the individual!). In fact they can make great apartment dogs — they haven’t earned the nickname ’60kph couch potato’ for nothing! Many greyhounds are content with a daily walk and plenty of affection.

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Greyhound being petted

Adopting or fostering a rescued greyhound

Right now there are greyhounds around the country urgently in need of help. By fostering or adopting a rescued greyhound you’ll be saving the life of one of these amazing dogs — and gain an unforgettable friend.

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A hand feeding treat to a greyhound

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Ginger greyhound looks up beyond frame presumatly at person at other end of leash. Dog has a sign reading
Image credit: Lyndal Carmichael Photography

This image contains content which some may find confronting

Group of adopted/rescued greyhound dogs at Brightside Farm Sanctuary
Image credit: Brightside Farm Sanctuary