A greyhound dog with a muzzle about to race.

ABC Four Corners reveals the “gruesome underbelly” of greyhound racing.

Explosive evidence of 'live baiting' has rocked the Australian greyhound industry – and still, the industry continues to operate.

Animals Australia

Animals Australia team

Last updated February 17, 2015

It’s unthinkable cruelty. Difficult to comprehend, and difficult to witness. But the reality for the animals trapped in this industry makes this exposé a must-watch.

ABC Four Corners has aired the findings of ground-breaking investigations conducted by Animals Australia and our friends at Animal Liberation Queensland, into the greyhound racing industry.

Investigation footage of live baiting exposed in the greyhound racing industry; a possum is tied to a device and being hurled around the track as a greyhound is close to mauling them.
Screenshot of video of four corner host for the Making a Killing investigation story.
A covert image from Animals Australia's investigation of a live piglet hanging at a greyhound racing track

Shocking evidence captured across three states revealed piglets, possums and rabbits being tied to mechanical lures and naturally gentle greyhounds being provoked to chase and maul them to death.

Head here to watch the ABC story: Making a Killing.