Massive live export campaign hits the streets!

His suffering was beyond words... Now, in the biggest live export campaign in Australian history, we are giving him a voice.

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Last updated January 27, 2015

Australians came to know him as ‘the weeping bull’. From a farm in Western Australia, he drew his last breath terrified and alone in Mauritius.

For those who profited from his sale, he is long forgotten. But his is the face of an animal who suffered horrifically at the hands of an industry that is a crime in every sense of the word.

Live export is a crime against animals. And in 2015 politicians will be reminded of this at every turn…

This image contains content which some may find confronting

On ‘moving billboards’

We’ve deployed hundreds of moving billboards (‘taxis’!) in key states so live export cruelty can never again be ‘out of sight, out of mind’.

The Australian government continues to insist live export rules are ‘working’ but this is untrue. We are seeing more violent acts of abuse than ever before and re-offending companies are not being held to account. Until now they could rely on the suffering of animals being far from public view, thousands of kilometres away. So on taxis we’re bringing the truth about live export closer to home.

This image contains content which some may find confronting

We’ve wrapped entire buses!

There are some trips that should never be taken… and live export is one of them. Buses around the country will reach millions of people each week with this very message.

Most Australians know the stress and discomfort of being crowded on a bus or train during their daily commute. But imagine if minutes or hours became weeks. Every live export shipment subjects animals to cramped, unfamiliar living conditions and food, risks of extreme weather, and the ever present stress of life at sea. This is an inherently cruel trade and the suffering begins on day one of the journey.

This image contains content which some may find confronting

Live export weeping bull billboard on freeway

And that’s just the beginning…

Within weeks we’ll begin rolling out high impact billboards in strategic locations across Australia…

If thousands of animals suffered and died during transport in Australia this year it would be a crime. If animals were beaten, tortured and stabbed on Australian soil — it would be a crime. Cover-ups, corruption, cruelty — are all crimes. The live export industry stands guilty of all of them.

The overwhelming majority of Australians consider live export to be immoral and cruel. It’s time for those who have power to end this trade to understand why…

Help us deliver the message by joining our Live Export Fighting Fund today.