Drugs, guns & animal cruelty – Victoria’s duck shooting season exposed on ABC.

Duck shooters have been caught snorting drugs before using deadly weapons, failing to humanely kill wounded ducks, and numerous breaches of social distancing rules. And this is only a couple of days in to Victoria's 'recreational' duck shooting season...

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Animals Australia team

Last updated May 21, 2020

ABC has reported on the disgraceful behaviour of duck shooters, who have been permitted by Premier Daniel Andrews to descend upon delicate wetland sanctuaries to maim and kill native waterbirds… for ‘fun.’

Watch the story here:

After the easing of COVID-19 community safety restrictions, the Premier continues to push the message, ‘if you can stay at home, you must stay at home’… but is also allowing shooters to travel to regional communities, shotguns in tow, with the sole purpose of killing wildlife.

As many Victorians welcomed the opportunity to reunite with loved ones, a tiny minority set out to blast native waterbirds out of the sky. Even with record low numbers of shooters this year, almost immediately came the reports of littering, illegal camping, animal cruelty, breaching of social distancing rules and drug use.

And yet, the Premier continues to allow this brutal abuse of wildlife — apparently, because of perceived fears of losing the ‘gun vote’.

Join us in telling the Premier that by siding with a tiny minority of people who enjoy hurting and killing native animals — he has picked the wrong side.

  1. If you live in Victoria, click here to speak up.
  2. If you live outside of Victoria, you can send a polite but urgent email to the Victorian Premier.