Save native ducks from 'recreational' slaughter.

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Help end duck shooting in Victoria

URGENT: The Victorian Government continues to approve shooting, despite the science. Native ducks need you to speak up for them.

Help end duck shooting in Victoria

URGENT: The Victorian Government continues to approve shooting, despite the science. Native ducks need you to speak up for them.

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Last updated 22 December 2021

During ‘shooting season’, Victoria’s picturesque wetlands — usually peaceful havens and home for our unique wildlife — are transformed into government-sanctioned killing fields.

The result is decimated wetlands, and animals left to suffer with shattered bills and broken wings.

Native ducks and sometimes even endangered and ‘protected’ birds are gunned down by shooters, their fragile bodies shattered by pellets. Many are maimed and left for dead, with broken limbs and punctured internal organs.

The ‘lucky’ ones are killed instantly. The unlucky ones — an estimated one out of every four birds shot — will suffer for days or even weeks before finally succumbing to their injuries.

Perhaps most awful of all? This cruelty is inflicted upon defenceless animals in the name of a ‘sport’ that the majority of caring Australians oppose, yet the Victorian Government continues to endorse.

Their survival hangs in the balance

Many wetlands are still recovering from catastrophic drought, despite more recent heavy rainfall. According to the Aerial Survey of Waterbirds in Eastern Australia, waterbird populations have not bounced back, and are down year on year. Devastatingly, ‘game’ bird numbers are the 3rd lowest in 39 years. The last thing they need now is to be shot in the name of recreation.

Extreme environmental conditions in 2019 and 2020 drove rare waterbirds south in search of drought refuge – putting them directly in the line of fire of Victorian shooters. Tragically, the Andrews Government still approved a brutal 2021 season, even though 5 out of 8 ‘game’ species were found to be in significant long-term decline. These species are still at risk, yet another season of shooting is on the cards.

On top of this, the body tasked with managing the duck shooting season in Victoria is failing to consider the implications of global warming – which will continue to impact the habitats of waterbirds and as a result, jeopardise their future.

A complete cancellation of the 2022 shooting season is critical

Animals Australia has made a formal submission to the Gaming Management Authority, urging the cancellation of Victoria’s duck shooting season.

The findings of the major independent survey are clear – there are continuing long-term declines in waterbird numbers, their breeding potential, and their habitat availability. This situation will only be worsened if the government permits the shooting of ducks in the name of ‘sport’.

To properly protect Australia’s waterbirds, the Victorian Government must acknowledge the scientifically validated survey findings, as well as climate science and the irrefutable evidence of duck shooting cruelty, and cancel the 2022 season.

Wildlife desperately need your voice

Duck shooting has already been banned in Queensland, New South Wales and Western Australia on animal cruelty grounds. Why is Victoria lagging behind?

Your voice is critical right now. Please help protect our precious native waterbirds, by speaking out for wildlife, and urging Victorian lawmakers to end duck shooting, for good.